David Garrett, the superstar of crossover, will perform this Wednesday at the Movistar Arena

La Nación – Helena Brillembourg

The violinist returns to Buenos Aires after the break imposed by the pandemic and with the help of Alive-My Soundtrack, a concert in which he unites all his musical passions, from classical music to jazz, rock and pop.

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It can be said that David Garrett and his violin are one . Since he was 4 years old, when his father began giving him his first lessons, until now, when he is considered a superstar, there has been almost no day in his life without having this instrument in his hands. And with it he has been able to surprise the most diverse audiences, those who want to listen to the music composed centuries ago by figures like Mozart or Beethoven, as well as those who are followers of other genres and declare themselves fans of bands like the Rolling Stones, Guns N ‘Roses or soloists like Prince and Michael Jackson. This Wednesday the violinist will perform at the Movistar Arena and tickets can be purchased at the stadium’s official website .

This German-born artist began his public career at just 10 years old and to date has a history of performances as varied as the public that follows him. He has played for figures such as Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, in events such as the Formula 1 Championship, the Champions League Final, as well as in the most important concert halls in the world together with directors of the stature by Zubin Mehta, Claudio Abbado and Ricardo Chailly, among others.