Luz Gaggi is an Argentine artist born in 2002 in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires.

Since her upbringing she was surrounded by art: music of different genres, dance, theater, cinema and painting. In 2013, and after an accident that made it impossible for her to walk for a long time, Luz decided to dedicate herself fully to the technical and interpretive learning of singing, embarking on a path that would lead her to perform on different stages. Her search took a definitive turn when she participated in the reality show La Voz Argentina (2021), where she made both her vocal virtues and her interpretive abilities widely known.

The composition of the current sound of her songs is enriched with reminiscences of flamenco, African-American hip hop, with the addition of Latin instruments and root sounds. “I want to define my own sound to have a distinctive, original stamp and be a benchmark for empowerment,” she confesses.

Falsas Esperanzas

Possessing a voice as powerful as it is unmistakable, at the age of 20, Luz begins a new stage in her musical career with a very personal version of “False Hopes”, the hit with which Cristina Aguilera managed to top the charts in Latin America in 2001.

“This song represents for me the most powerful way to start a new era, due to its content, its fire and grit. It marks a strong empowerment that I intend to convey through my music”, says Luz.

Produced by Emi Macchi and with a video directed by Lautaro Esposito and Guido Adler, “False Hopes” marks the beginning of Luz’s new artistic stage, which will continue throughout 2023 with material of her own authorship. “Coming back with a song like this is a great responsibility but also a great honor, and I am super happy to take it on. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do,” she concludes.