Maldito Mío 💔 New single + video

Maldito Mío 💔 Out Now

With a unique elegance and a heartbreaking story to tell, Chita captivates us from the very first moment in this second single of her new album. Heartbreak, loss, and pain dance to the rhythm of sophisticated pop, achieving a unique connection with her sensuality and the depth of her powerful voice.

Chita confirms her transition to pop music in a unique sonic experience that transports her audience to a new musical realm.

About Chita

Chita, stage name of Francisca Gil, is a talented Argentine singer and songwriter born in 1996. With her debut album “Encanto,” she showcased a unique musical versatility, skillfully blending various genres. Constantly evolving, her latest work reveals a shift towards pop, exemplified by her single “Sola,” a fresh preview of her new album that reflects her artistic maturity and ability to reinvent herself without losing her essence. With an emotive voice and profound lyrics, Chita has captivated global audiences, promising a successful career in the international music scene.