The story of Daniel Grinbank: bringing the Stones, millionaire successes and failures: “I missed out on signing Soda Stereo, I thought it wasn’t going to work”

Clarín | Marcelo Fernández Bitar

He has just published his autobiography “I love you, I hate you, give me more”, with anecdotes from the Rolling Stones, Mercedes Soda, Charly García and Independiente.

Despite its 55 years of history, Argentine rock has just begun to be reflected with a multiplicity of voices and points of view in the enormous number of books published in the last fifteen years, with official and unauthorized biographies, various analyzes and even dissections of discs.

However, there is very little written from a point of view other than that of the artist, and that is why the brand new autobiography of a person not only linked to local music since the early ’70s but also a key figure is both welcome and exciting. in the evolution of popular culture in Argentina towards its current massiveness.

This is Daniel Grinbank, who at the age of 68 was encouraged to face the task of recounting his life, which includes countless juicy anecdotes along with names like Charly García, Mercedes Sosa, the Rolling Stones.