Latin Grammy 2022: Fito Páez won three awards before televising of the awards


Within the series of categories that are delivered before tonight’s main broadcast, the Rosario has already started triumphing.

The first was the category of best pop/rock album, where it competed with Trinchera by Babasónicos, La dirección de Conociendo Russia, Bruses de Monstruos and Cable a tierra by Vetusta Morla. He won for The Best of Our Lives .

Fito Paez live at the Grammys when the Person of the Year award was presented to Marco Antonio Solis on Wednesday <br>Photo Reuters

The second win was in the best rock song category , with The Best of Our Lives, where it competed with Waiting for a Signal by Bunbury, Día mil by Eruca Sativa, Finisterre by Vetusta Morla and We Don’t Forget by Molotov.

The other statuette was for best pop/rock song , for Babel , a duet with Carlos Vives. She competed with Arrancarmelo by Wos, Bye bye by Babasónicos, Disguise by Feli Colina and What am I going to do with myself by Bruses.