David Garrett, in Buenos Aires: “Putting classical music on a pedestal is ridiculous”

Infobae – Eduardo Slusarczuk

The prominent German violinist spoke with Infobae Cultura at the beginning of his tour of the region. In this talk, his “horrible childhood”, the freedom of rock and virtuosity, among other topics.


David Garrett , one of the most successful representatives of crossover , that hybrid genre in which classical music, pop, rock and sometimes jazz are called to be part of a musical discourse in which Mozart , Paganini and The Rolling Stones live without conflict with Coldplay , Percy Mayfield and Prince , will play again in Argentina this Wednesday, October 12, at the Movistar Arena.

For the violinist born on September 4, 1980 in Aachen, then still West Germany, it will be one more stop on his Alive Tour , the platform for the presentation of his album Alive: My Soundtrack , released in 2020, which just four days before finds himself through the Zoom screen and with a smile from ear to ear in a hotel room in Bolzano, in northern Italy, in anticipation of a new concert of his tour.

“Today we do Bolzano, tomorrow we play in Padua and then we leave for Buenos Aires”, sums up the musician, who will step on Buenos Aires soil for the second time, five years after his first approach to the local public, which on November 20, 2017 filled the Luna Park to witness their Explosive Live Tour.