Banksy, the Superman of urban art, stars in an international persecution that reached Buenos Aires

La Nación | Celina Chatruc

The traces that the anonymous graffiti artist left around the world for decades are recreated with virtual reality and an immersive room, in the “unauthorized” exhibition that opens to the public tomorrow at La Rural.

En la sala inmersiva se recrea la Niña con globo que Banksy destruyó en plena subasta Foto Santiago CicheroAFV

It is a bird? It is a plane? No, it is “the Superman of urban art” that hooded man who vanishes through the streets of Bristol, crosses like lightning to London and appears at dusk in the surroundings of the illuminated Parisian Eiffel Tower, to later get lost among the skyscrapers of New York . After a fifteen-minute chase through various cities on different continents, we finally find Banksy painting a wall in Bethlehem. Very close to his own hotel, with a view of the wall built by Israel. He turns to look at us, and aims his spray at our eyes.

A large red spot is all we get to see when this virtual reality simulated race ends for the Banksy exhibition, genius or vandal?, which will open to the public tomorrow at La Rural. “It’s like Superman and Clark Kent, a secret that is part of the mystery,” conjectures in dialogue with LA NACION Daniel Grinbank, producer who brought this “unauthorized” exhibition by the artist to Buenos Aires with other international partners. He is someone who wants to express himself through his art instead of giving interviews, because his works more reliably express his message”.