“Banksy, genius or vandal?”: the work of the provocative British graffiti artist arrives in Buenos Aires

Clarín | Verónica Abdala

The exhibition dedicated to an emblematic artist of our time, whose true identity is unknown, opens this Tuesday at La Rural and includes more than 70 unique works, including serigraphs, engravings, sculptures, drawings and installations.

“There is nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.” The graffiti that quotes Banksy at the start of his first exhibition in the country sums up the idealistic and provocative spirit of this artist whose real identity is unknown and who must also be granted the category of intellectual: his work not only impacts from the aesthetic point of view but also confronts the foundations of the system itself, denouncing its abuses and multiple violence. Thus, the artist forces the viewer to take a stand.

The exhibition which can be seen in principle until October 16 also has a free audio guide for smartphones Photo Maxi Failla

Banksy is one of the most well-known and controversial artists on the contemporary scene, and although he is believed to have been born in Bristol, England, in 1974, he has chosen to remain anonymous since the origin of his career, which dates back to the early ’90s. . In these years, he has managed to become a mythical figure in the art of the present.

That is why the Banksy, Genius or Vandal? exhibition makes sense, which opens this Tuesday in the Frers pavilion of La Rural (Santa Fe 4363) and will bring the Argentine public closer to his artistic universe, through different thematic axes and more than 70 creations which include a selection of unique works executed with different techniques: oil or acrylic on canvas, spray on canvas and wood, limited edition serigraphs, stencils on metal or concrete, sculptures, installations, videos, photographs and virtual reality experiences.

The exhibition – which can be seen, in principle, until October 16 – also has a free audio guide for smartphones, available in Spanish and English, which enriches the experience of visitors.