“Banksy, Genius or Vandal?” at La Rural: walls that speak

Página 12 | María Daniela Yaccar

The exhibition goes beyond the mere exhibition: serigraphs, engravings, sculptures, drawings and installations are combined with a conscientious research work that analyzes the mysterious English artist.

Buenos Aires August 29 2022 Banksy exhibition Photo Guadalupe Lombardo

In one of the rooms of La Rural, a girl from the staff delivers the glasses and recommends: “keep your feet on the floor”. In 3D, a video shows different cities -Bristol, London, Paris, Los Angeles and others- whose walls are dressed in the famous Banksy murals. What a paradox: approaching the universe of the most famous street art artist in a room with glasses on. Still, Banksy, Genius or Vandal? works. It is a complete approach to the work of the mysterious graffiti artist, crossing more than 70 original works with immersive elements. The exhibition has already been presented in New York, Las Vegas, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Lisbon and Tokyo, among other cities. With production by Sold Out and IQ Art Management, presented in Buenos Aires by S2BN, DGE and DF Group, it will be seen from Tuesday, August 30 to October 16 at Pabellón Frers de La Rural (Avenida Santa Fe 4363 ), from Tuesday to Sunday.