Daniel Grinbank: manager of Fito Páez, promoter of high-impact samples and the challenge of moving from an “analog mind to a digital one”

La Nación – Sebastián Espósito

The musical entrepreneur met again last year with Fito and they decided to embark together on the 30-year tour of “El amor después del amor”, which disembarks today at the Movistar Arena.

Daniel Grinbank had stopped representing artists in the mid 1980s when he founded FM Rock Pop<br>PATRICIO PIDALAFV

This Tuesday, Fito Páez begins his series of eight concerts at the Movistar Arena. The expectation to see the show with which he will pay homage to his successful album “El amor después del amor” thirty years after its original edition exceeded everyone’s previous calculations, including Daniel Grinbank’s, who is now his manager. What was initially going to be a couple of functions, maybe three or four in the best of cases, ended up multiplying and closing in eight, perhaps more because of the commitments of the tour already assumed than because of its own ticket ceiling. In fact, after setting up the stage, new tickets were put up for sale yesterday that were quickly acquired by the public.

The relationship between Daniel Grinbank and Fito Páez was never that of manager and artist. Until now, of course, although the two have known each other since the first half of the 1980s. “I’ve known Fito since he was very young. I knew him from Rosario, when we went with Serú Girán to play there and he stood in the public. When he comes with Juan Carlos Baglietto to Buenos Aires, Charly (García) was putting together the Clics Modernos band. I loved Fito, the best songs on Baglietto’s first album were his, and when Charly told me he was looking for a keyboard player, my suggestion was that he call Fito. So at one point our first job together was that, on the tour of Clics Modernos, him as a keyboard player and me as Charly’s manager”, says Grinbank sitting in his office and surrounded by pictures that testify that it is he who brought the Rolling Stones to the country in each of the visits of their Satanic Majesties.

It had been almost ten years since Grinbank and Páez had been in contact and the Latin Grammy came between them. In November of last year, on the 22nd. edition of the awards, Fito was recognized with an award for musical excellence and Serú Girán’s ex-manager was there to meet him. But far from that phrase that says that “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”, the producer and the musician agreed to continue the conversation in Buenos Aires. “We always had a good relationship and we met again at the Grammys in Las Vegas. That’s where the idea of ​​working together came from. It seduced me because it was the 30th anniversary of “El amor después del amor” and, obviously, there was and is a great respect that I feel for him as an artist and for him as a guy, as a human being, fundamental condiments to work with someone. And it happened. Although I could assume that he was going to do very well, what is happening to us exceeds all the expectations we had ”.