Latin Grammy Awards: Fito Páez received three nominations before his tour

Infobae, Redacción Vía Rosario

The singer from Rosario celebrated the announcement on his way to the anniversary tour of “Love After Love”.

The 59 year old composer Photo sebastianarpesella

With hours to go until the start of the tour dedicated to “Love After Love”, Fito Páez found another reason to celebrate on Tuesday. The artist received three nominations for the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards as a result of his solo production and a collaboration with Carlos Vives.

Referring to the award he received last year for his musical excellence, the singer from Rosario said humorously: “Again, they make mistakes all the time.” After the joke, he assured that he is “very happy” and was enthusiastic about the debut of the international tour.

Just woke up, Fito recorded a video from bed to share the good news with his followers on social networks. In the background, the Osvaldo Pugliese orchestra could be heard while interpreting the work of Eduardo Rovira, so that the maestro is still present as a cabal at all levels of the performing arts.

The author of “Love After Love” completed preparations for a long-term tour that includes visits to the United States and Europe. Thus, he will celebrate 30 years since the release of the most successful album of his career while his most recent production also stands out.

“This is very beautiful. We are going to start with everything”, Fito promised his fans in the prelude to the first recital in Buenos Aires. After saying goodbye, he began the countdown to listen to new versions of the classics from the album released in 1992.


  • Best rock song: “The best of our lives.”
  • Best Pop/Rock Album: “The Wild Years”
  • Best pop/rock song: “Babel”, with Carlos Vives.