Jaze Toy Lokazo at Perú

The national artist will present his album ‘Toy Lokazo’ on September 5th at the Teatro Leguía. It will be a sold-out show where he will also revisit several hits from before this production.

For more than a year, Juan Carlos Iwasaki, or simply Jaze, decided to move to Argentina to further his career, successfully entering the international scene by participating in important festivals like Lollapalooza Argentina and Mexico’s Vive Latino.

Now, with the successful album ‘Toy Lokazo,’ he returns to Peru, his homeland, and in what a way. A few days ago, he announced his homecoming concert, and in less than a week, it sold out, marking an important milestone in his career. Jaze comments: “It was a surprise that everything sold out in just one week, and I’m still in shock, honestly… but on the other hand, I take it as a reward for all the work that went into making Toylo, and as more motivation to put on the best show I’ve ever done.”

This show will cover this album, which includes ‘Jomalón,’ a track where he collaborates with Susana Baca. The show will also be an opportunity to revisit great modern hits like ‘Reloj Vital,’ ‘Perdón,’ ‘No le Mienta a Mamá,’ ‘Las Consecuencias,’ and ‘La Terminal.’

The young artist shares with excitement: “There’s no place I enjoy performing more than in my country. And although I’ve been able to play this album at different shows and festivals abroad, I knew I couldn’t close the chapter on this album without presenting it in my homeland. From now on, I’m counting the days until I can reunite with my people.”


Artista: Jaze

Venue: Teatro Leguía

Ubicación: Lima, Perú

Fechas: 5 de Septiembre

+ Info: https://www.dg-experience.com/management/jaze/