Fito Páez started a record tour for the 30 years of ‘Love After Love’

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The first eight recitals that he will give in Buenos Aires will be followed by another thirty-six presentations in six countries in the remainder of this year. And in 2023, Fito Páez already has thirteen other countries on the agenda where he will host the party that is the celebration of “El amor tras el amor”, the best-selling album to date in Argentine musical history. The new recording he made of that mythical album will also be released shortly. And the biopic that he announced will be made by Netflix has not yet been dated.

The curtain rises Fito Páez with the full band on stage With them he will perform the first 36 recitals of the 2022 section of the El amor tras el amor tour Photo Rodrigo Alonso

The artistic validity of Fito Paez is undeniable. In 2021 he won the Grammy for best Rock album for La Conquista del Espacio. On that memorable night, the man from Rosario quoted a verse by Gustavo Cerati, paraphrasing that the universe was conspiring in his favor. And it seems that this moment of fullness and recognition continues to expand. This Wednesday, the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences nominated him again, this time in three categories: Best Rock Song with The Best of Our Lives, Best Pop/Rock Album with Los Años Salvajes, and Best Pop/Rock Song por Babel, together with Carlos Vives. And this week, too, he declared the start of the El amor después del amor 30 años tour with the first two Movistar Arena sold out, and today, Sunday, he repeats the third of the eight recitals that –until now– he has sold out with the same call. In total, ninety thousand people will participate in this celebration in Buenos Aires.

Renewed classic. It is not insignificant that these first stops of the tour find Fito Páez in a prolific and active stage. Because, focused on the present, the musician allows himself to look at a past that consecrated him definitively. And that perspective, approached with a more tender than nostalgic distance, allows him to defend “tooth and nail”, in his words, an album that transcends several generations and is, in addition to the greatest sales success in the history of Argentine popular music, a classic that is reformulated decade after decade. And in these thirty years of existence he brings with him a different transmutation: a re-recording that is almost finished.