Fito Páez sold out the first Arena stadium in his celebratory marathon

The singer from Rosario is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the appearance of his consecration album “El amor después del amor”.

Ámbito | Carolina Liponetzky

“There is something these years that make me look like this.” The phrase of the beautiful “Pétalo de sal” envelops the spirit of what happened in the first show of eight at the Movistar Arena for the 30th anniversary of the album “Love after love”. That album, which was the best-selling in the history of rock in Argentina, marked a turning point in Fito Páez’s career and combined the previous sound with everything that would come later, closer to pop than rock. “Love after love”, which alludes to the love with Cecilia Roth after Fabiana Cantilo, opened her international career and sealed the romance with her audience. The forty-somethings filled the stadium and evoked those years of youth while they were able to hear the entire album live, from beginning to end, with arrangements that improved it and put Páez at the top as an orchestra conductor. In fact, that day he had received the news of three nominations for the Latin Grammys (two per song, one for the album “Lo Mejor De Nuestra Vidas”), after having won fifteen of these distinctions last year as a producer, recording engineer, and best album of 2021.

Fito Paez The singer from Rosario celebrated the 30th anniversary of his consecration album