AFA World’s Champions

The Frers Pavilion of La Rural was populated for a few hours by many artists, journalists, musicians, athletes, and other figures who, along with their families, approached to get to know and explore this exhibition, which has become in recent days the most chosen outing by Argentines and tourists. The official exhibition of AFA “World Champions” is an experience that brings together all the passion of football, all the sky blue and white glory in more than 1300 square meters where you can relive the most memorable moments of the World Cups won, going through the most important history of the national team, from Maradona to Messi, through Mario Kempes to Julián Alvarez.

The exhibition has 8 rooms in which iconic and exclusive materials and images from the Argentine Football Association archive are exhibited, incorporating immersive experiences, as well as an exquisite selection of personal objects from world champion players of all time and of course all the trophies won by the Argentine National Team: The 3 original World Cups (1978, 1986, and 2022); The Copa América; The Finalissima. There is also an exclusive section commemorating the greatest celebration in Argentine history with the exclusive presence of the convertible micro that transported the 2022 champion team, in the unforgettable celebrations of last December 20. There are also different options for photomontages and interactive experiences where visitors can take a photo with some of the legends of the team, be part of one of the world champion squads, or participate in some historic play with their idols. With general production by Javier Faroni and AFA, “World Champions” is the first and only official AFA exhibition that will take its visitors on a journey through the most football emotions, inviting them to relive all the passion of the 3 World Cups won by the National Team, the 3 stars won at the highest football event, in the most popular sport in the world and in the most fanatical country on the planet. The creative direction was led by Berra Creative Developments.

Claudio Tapia, President of AFA, said: “From the first day at the helm of the Argentine Football Association, we have set ourselves a primary objective, to bring Argentines closer to our national teams and to revalue our legends and former players of the national team. During these years of management, we have revived that strong attachment and identification of our teams with the people and the values that the Argentine national team represents worldwide. The support of our people during the championship and the obtaining of the World Cup are unforgettable moments for each of the Argentines wherever they are. This exhibition is entirely dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of the passion of our Argentine fans for the national team. Since the beginning of the year, we have made unpublished material available in favor of this innovative proposal that will be enjoyed by the whole family. This “World Champions” exhibition is a thank you to all the Argentine fans who with their support have been part of the indelible history of football and an eternal recognition of our historical world champions who have crowned us with glory.”