Steve McCurry, ICONS

On February 15, 2023, the Steve McCurry exhibition, ICONS,  one of the most complete retrospectives of the famous American photographer, arrives at the Frers Pavilion in La Rural.

With more than 100 large-format photographs, the exhibition presents McCurry’s most iconic images, such as the legendary portrait he made of the Afghan girl Sharbat Gula in 1984 and which was on the cover of National Geographic magazine in 1985. Other well-known images are also included, snapshots that he took throughout his forty years of profession, as well as his most recent works.

Steve McCurry is one of the most established contemporary photographers, as well as an inspiration for many people, especially for the younger generations, who see in his photos a way of interpreting our present. Each of his images portrays a complex world of experiences and emotions that connect the viewer with different realities and ways of understanding life.

In this exhibition, curated by Biba Giacchet, the public will travel through the photographic universe of Steve McCurry, through a journey that will take them from Afghanistan to India, from Southeast Asia to Africa, from Cuba to the United States or from Brazil to Italy: a fascinating repertoire of images in which the human element is always the protagonist.

Thanks to the collaboration between Sold Out and Sudest 57 and presented in Buenos Aires by S2BN and DGE, “Steve McCurry ICONS” immerses the visitor in a kind of dance in which people of different ages, cultures and ethnicities are presented, which McCurry He knew how to portray with surprising strength and naturalness.

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Artist: Steve McCurry

Venue: La Rural, Pabellón Frers

Location: Buenos Aires

Year: 2023

Dates: 15.02 - 12.03

+ Info: Sitio Web

Social Media: @stevemccurryicons