Jaze Toy Lokazo

For the first time since his landing in Buenos Aires, Jaze, the two-time freestyle league Peruvian artist, will present Toy Lokazo, his second studio album, live on October 7 at Niceto Club. Tickets are already available through Passline.com

The 23-year-old Peruvian artist, who became known as a freestyler, will lead a band made up of local musicians to display the themes of his recent work, in which he explores a more electronic, hip-hop sound. experimental hop.

The “Toy Lokazo” is, in turn, an alter ego of the artist, a more irreverent facet, which amplifies emotions and takes them to the limit: this alter ego is presented as a crazy toy, which arises from the play on words, and with whose mask he appeared in his last freestyle competitions.

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Artist: Jaze

Venue: Niceto Club

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Year: 2023

Dates: October 7

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