I Love You, I Hate You, Give Me More

Manager, producer, businessman, agent, man behind the scenes: the present of the entertainment industry in Argentina and in the rest of Ibero-America would not be the same if Daniel Grinbank had stayed still in the last five decades. From the early 70’s at the hands of the stammering Argentine rock & roll, to a present day that finds him with advanced proposals, Daniel Grinbank knew how to imprint a personal stamp on each of his projects. Admired, also controversial, he is much more than the man who marked a before and after in local radio with the arrival of the “Rock & Pop in’ the 80’s and who filled stadiums ‘and cities’ with shows by international artists and top level entertainment programs. He has developed his career with a firm commitment to an ‘idea’ of art that led him to get involved in many internal tensions in the context of an unforgiving industry. A way of working that he supported against all odds when he also dared to venture into television, theater, musicals, the Buenos Aires ZOO and even football.

Between anecdotes and memories, between confessions and the crudest daily story, I Love You, I Hate You, Give Me More is a biography that can be read at the same time as a flight manual where the good and the bad, the most absolute successes and the most resounding failures of an entrepreneur are exposed without half measures. A brave book that, far from a personal epic, chooses to depict the lights and shadows of someone who did it all.

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Artista: Daniel Grinbank

Año: 2022

Redes Sociales: @grinbankdaniel

News: Prensa