Fito Paez 30 Years EADDA

“El amor, 30 años después del amor”. Tour 2022/23. 30 years after its release, the best-selling album in the history of Argentine rock goes on tour.

Fito Paez officially announced the next recording of a new version of his classic album El Amor Después del Amor. The recording took place in August 2022 in Los Angeles, accompanied by Gustavo Borner and Diego Olivero. “The idea was to transform it, revisit it and do new things to it,” declared the Argentine artist.

An extensive tour during 2022 and 2023 will celebrate one of the most transcendental works of his career, considered among the most influential in Spanish-speaking popular music in recent decades.

“El amor, 30 años después del amor” Tour will feature shows in venues in Argentina, the United States, Venezuela, Spain, Uruguay and Chile.

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Artist: Fito Paez

Location: Argentina, United States, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela and others

Year: 2022 / 2023

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