David Garrett Alive Tour

Violinist David Garrett, an international superstar who blurs the lines between Mozart and Metallica, announces his Alive Tour, in the context of which he will perform on October 12 at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since the groundbreaking release of Free (a.k.a.) in 2006, David Garrett has achieved unprecedented success in the crossover genre, of which he is a pioneer. It has been sweeping millions of music lovers for more than 10 years, has sold millions of tickets and has won 25 gold and 17 platinum awards in places like Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil or Singapore, to name a few. He has succeeded not only in creating a whole new audience for crossover, but for classical music as well, and has elevated the violin to a leading instrument in rock music.

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Artist: David Garrett

Location: Buenos Aires

Year: 2022

Dates: October 12

+ Info: Artist website

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