Bubble Jump Park

From December 28, 2023, to February 18, 2024, the amazing inflatable park Bubble Jump Park opens its doors at the Ocre Pavilion of La Rural, offering a program full of fun and challenges for this summer season in Buenos Aires.

The course, consisting of 35 interconnected inflatable pieces, extends over 300 meters. Additionally, the park features a stage where every hour a fascinating bubble “pocket show” is presented live, adding a magical touch to the experience.

With slides, spheres, tunnels, and obstacles designed to test your balance and endurance, every step in your journey through Bubble Jump Park will thrill you with excitement. Each session lasts for an hour, providing enough time to enjoy all the challenges the park has to offer. The complete course takes about 10 minutes to complete and can be repeated as many times as you wish during your session.

Bubble Jump Park is an ideal family experience, allowing entry for participants from 3 years old and up. For children under 6 years old (inclusive), adult supervision is mandatory to provide greater care and support during the more challenging obstacles. Although children often dominate the game, adults are equally welcome and can participate or supervise the course from the outside without getting on the inflatable.

Unlike daily rental inflatables, Bubble Jump Park stands out for its strict safety measures. We have containment nets throughout the course, trained staff for assistance and care, and electrical equipment out of reach of the public. The safety of our participants is our top priority, supported by powerful turbines capable of accommodating more than 200 people at once, ensuring a safe environment at all times.

Bubble Jump Park awaits you this summer at La Rural! Get ready to experience the most exciting inflatable adventure.