Chita premiered “Sola”, the first song from her new album


With his first album “Encanto”, he demonstrated a unique musical versatility, masterfully fusing various genres. Constantly evolving, her latest work reveals a turn towards pop, as shown in her single “Sola”, a brand new preview of her new album.

With an amalgam of boleresque tones and heartbreaking depth, the long-awaited first single from Chita ‘s new album finally sees the light. “Sola” not only marks the beginning of a new era for this talented artist, but also invites listeners to immerse themselves in an intriguing and captivating musical universe, advancing a new aesthetic and musical concept.

This cut, conceived in the creative bustle of Los Angeles, California, under the direction of renowned composers and multi-award-winning producers such as Claudia Brant and Josh Cumbee, brims with mastery and emotional power. From the first chords, Chita envelops us in a unique sound experience, challenging us to rethink time, our decisions and exhibiting the carnal essence of human relationships and the starkest heartbreak.

With a penetrating gaze and a voice that exudes authenticity, Chita guides us through the stages of “SOLA” and surrounds us with emotional ties, captivating us with a musical crush. This single not only represents a milestone in Chita’s career, but also marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in his artistic journey.